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Taking Stock of Salmon

by Gabe Finch
The Oregonian, April 18, 2010

With its proposal to curtail the spilling of water at the Columbia and Snake River dams, NOAA Fisheries now stands alone. No other scientific body in the region has supported such a proposal. Barging as many fish as possible down a river is not a sustainable solution to recovering wild salmon and steelhead. Barging will also bring us no closer to a point at which wild salmon and steelhead no longer need federal protection.

Yes, issues around salmon, rivers and dams are complicated, but the reality is that rivers need to run more like actual rivers in order for salmon and other wildlife to survive. Until the federal agencies under President Obama can craft policies with that reality in mind, our salmon and Northwest fishing communities will continue to pay the price.

Gabe Finch, Southwest Portland
Taking Stock of Salmon
The Oregonian, April 18, 2010

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