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Support Breaching

by Scott Calhoun
Letters, The Idaho Statesman, October 31, 2003

I support dam breaching as a viable option in restoring wild steelhead and salmon.

One possibility that should be explored is greatly improved survival rates by opening the lock system during the spring to “flush” juveniles on their migration to the ocean. The dams would remain in place and function for transportation during the fall when grain is harvested, and provide power during the remainder of the year. This would require management while allowing for dams and fish to work together; an option that few consider.

Idaho´s steelhead fishermen ring the tills at numerous local businesses, including motels, restaurants and sporting goods stores, and provide direct employment for guides, shuttle drivers and outfitters, who are again consumers in the local economy. Further, Idaho´s whitewater equipment industry benefits through drift boat, jet boat and raft sales. We need healthy fish populations for a vibrant economy.

Scott Calhoun, Boise
Support Breaching
The Idaho Statesman, October 31, 2003

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