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Stop Studying Problem and
Put Dam Removal on Table

by Susan Cierebiej-Kanzler
The News Tribune, June 7, 2005

Re: "Feds lose bad gamble on NW salmon plan" (editorial, 5-29).

Prudently, the courts have once again recognized that the Bush administration's salmon plan is illegal and scientifically unfounded.

The plan ignores the fact that reasonable alternatives exist for the Snake River dams' modest services. The barge transportation corridor and hydroelectric power services they provide don't reflect true costs of associated habitat destruction and species declines subsidized by public tax dollars.

Ground transportation to replace barging and sustainable energy alternatives are available, such as existing rail lines and solar and wind power.

Barging fish around dams and producing hatchery fish threaten salmon recovery. Hatcheries and hatchery fish are not viable substitutes for natural habitat and wild fish.

Washington state officials proclaim "extinction is not an option." However, if dam removal is not an option, then salmon are indeed headed for extinction. They may not be around in 20 years.

Salmon, jobs and food production are part of our culture and homeland security. Stop the delay tactics and wasting public funds by studying this to death. Restore the Snake River now.

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Susan Cierebiej-Kanzler, Olympia Universe
Stop Studying Problem and Put Dam Removal on Table
The News Tribune, June 7, 2005

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