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Presidential candidate George W. Bush interview

Sports Afield Magazine, September 2000

S.A. One of the issues facing conservationists in the Northwest is whether or not select dams should be decommissioned to restore historic fisheries. If you are elected would you favor removing some of those dams?

Bush: "No I would not favor removing those dams. I would support using salmon friendly turbines on dams and employing the latest technologies in this area to help protect the salmon runs. By wiping out the dams you wipe out a way of life. The nation is experiencing an energy crisis right now.

There are some that are proposing taking hydro-electric energies off the book in the United States. It makes no sense to diminish the energy supply when we're dependent upon foreign sources for crude oil. I believe we can have energy and economic development along those rivers and at the same time have salmon friendly turbines to protect the fish. I was talking with Senator Gordon Smith of Oregon, and he's telling me the salmon runs are pretty full these days; that's good news for fishermen."

George W. Bush
Presidential candidate George W. Bush interview
Sports Afield Magazine, September, 2000

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