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Spirit of Idaho

by Yvonne Shen
Idaho Statesman, July 4, 2021

In this 2013 aerial file photo, the Ice Harbor Dam on the Snake Ri ver is seen near Pasco, Washington (Bob Brawdy / Associated Press). I'm entering my freshman year at North Junior High. My parents came to Boise in 2005, and since then we've maintained a very close relationship with our extended family in Shanghai, China. My grandpa has taught me about the importance of honor, whether it's being kind to strangers, or paying respects to higher spirits in new places.

I believe that the spirit of Idaho lies in its wildlife. The salmon and steelhead are crucial to preserve the spirit of the beautiful wildlife in Idaho. If we kill the fish, we kill the precious spirit of our beloved state. We will be dishonoring the generations of salmon that have survived here and the families that have built their bonds through fish-related activities. We will also be dishonoring the treaties that the government has made with Pacific Northwest indigenous communities.

I am asking Sen. Mike Crapo to support Congressman Mike Simpson's Columbia Basin Initiative. Let's breach the four Lower Snake River dams and restore the honor of our precious state and the spirit of Idaho. I encourage readers to call Crapo's office in favor of this proposal.

Yvonne Shen, Boise
Spirit of Idaho
Idaho Statesman, July 4, 2021

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