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Snake River Dams

by Odos Lowery
Idaho Statesman, October 15, 2019

Graphic: Surival of Idaho's juvenile salmon and Steelhead throught the (1997-2019) Why are we letting a bunch of wheat farmers hold the Snake River salmon and steelhead habitat hostage? There are miles of pristine spawning habitat with no adult fish.The reason is the 108 miles of slack water caused by the four lower Snake River dams killing the majority of the salmon and steelhead smolt trying to reach the ocean. Every bargeload of wheat that goes downriver is subsidized to the tune of $21,000 by us taxpayers. If this subsidy were revoked, the wheat farmers would use the railroad. Wheat is all that is now being barged downriver. The Port of Lewiston is bankrupt.

The four lower dams have absorbed millions and millions of dollars in gimmicks that were supposed to solve the problem. None have worked. When will the guides, outfitters and sport/commercial/First Nations fisheries folks rise up in defense of the fish? Where are you young people? This is your legacy.

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Odos Lowery, Boise
Snake River Dams
Idaho Statesman, October 15, 2019

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