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Help Congressman Simpson's Legacy

by Mitch Sanchotena
Twin Times-News, March 9, 2022

Map showing location of 4 lower Snake River dams and reservoirs being considered for removal As Idahoans we are fortunate that we enjoy two pay checks. We have the one we work for each week that pays our mortgage , car payments, and everyday bills. But the other just as important, and one that is bringing people into Idaho in droves, is the fact we have our public lands. Places we hunt, ride our off-road vehicles, ride our horses, hike, camp, and just plain refresh our bodies and minds. Free flowing rivers we can float, kayak, jet boat fish, and enjoy. All without belonging to a membership.

Congressman Simpson has been and, continues to be, a large proponent of protecting and enhancing these opportunities. Smith, not so much. Smith claims the majority oppose breaching the four Lower Snake River Dams. Not so. A survey conducted by the Idaho Statesman in the 1990sfound that fifty one percent of those surveyed supported breaching. In 1994 the Idaho Department of Fish and Game Commission endorsed breaching those four dams in the Lower Snake River in Washington State. Smith misses what Idaho is all about. As Idahoans we are not about to allow our salmon to go extinct any more than we are willing to sell off our public lands to wealthy people like the Wilkes brothers from Texas. Congressman Simpson is Idaho thru and thru. His conservatism in Congress, and his efforts and success on the Boulder White Clouds Wilderness proves it. Congressman Simpson's Legacy is Saving the White Clouds. He would like to add saving Idaho's salmon to it. Let's help him achieve that goal. This Smith Guy I'm afraid is bad news.

Mitch Sanchotena, Nampa
Help Congressman Simpson's Legacy
Twin Times-News, March 9, 2022

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