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Shallow Waters

by Charlotte Omoto
Lewiston Tribune, November 20, 2022

The Washington State Grain Train recently acquired 29 more grain cars to help farmers get grain to export terminals Those who advocate against removing the four lower Snake River dams contend that removing the dams doesn't guarantee the survival of salmon and steelhead.

Yes, there are challenges to salmon and steelhead in the Pacific Ocean and at the mouth of the Columbia, let alone dams along the Columbia River. Further, they consider the role that the dams play in barging of grain and wood products plus generating hydroelectric power important.

But have you seen what has happened this year to the Colorado River and the Mississippi River? Who would have thought that the levels in the Colorado would be so low that it can no longer provide enough water to the hydroelectric dams there? Who would have imagined that the Mississippi would be so low that barges could no longer haul their normal loads down it?

Do we know that similar scenario won't affect our Columbia River and its tributaries?

Charlotte Omoto
Shallow Waters
Lewiston Tribune, November 20, 2022

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