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SEL and the Dams

by Francis Matthews
Moscow Pullman Daily News, November 16, 2021

Map: Removing Lower Snake River Embankments puts downward pressure on electrical rates throughout the Pacific Northwest. (Source: - Chapter 6 of Appendix H of Columbia River System Operations EIS) It is interesting to have the paper have articles on the dam breaching issue by the reps from Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories (November 16). The SEL staff are no more credible than any other business that makes money off the rivers, waterways and salmon.

As an enrolled Nez Perce, I support dam breaching and do not support any business that pushes to continue the violation of our treaty rights by supporting keeping these destructive, over-subsidized Lower Snake River dams in place.

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Table: Final EIS finds that MO3 with Remove Lower Snake Embankments is the most economic choice.

Francis Matthews, Moscow
SEL and the Dams
Moscow Pullman Daily News, November 16, 2021

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