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Saving Salmon

by Lisa Hech
Idaho Statesman, November 14, 2021

Chinook salmon is a favorite catch for Idaho anglers. (Pete Zimowsky photo) We stand at a do-or-die moment for Idaho's salmon. Our choice now determines the fate of these magnificent fish, who swim 900 miles to the Pacific, 900 uphill to Idaho to spawn and die, feeding us, land and water animals, supporting Idaho's huge tourism industry. But with salmon near extinction, this could be lost forever.

The old path, the status quo, leaves the four Lower Snake River Dams intact.

The new path, proposed by Rep. Simpson, acknowledges the science that the four LSRDs must be breached, brings together affected stakeholders toward solutions, offers rebound for salmon, job growth in clean energy, storage, tourism, fast grain transport (trains) and more.

Hundreds of thousands of U.S. hunters, anglers, outdoor retailers, and Northwest Tribes, for whom salmon are sacred, support the new path. The Nimiipuu in Lapwai have installed 500kW of solar plus batteries.

Now is the time to save the salmon, with funding decisions before us, cheaper energy alternative, and opportunities to modify overpriced energy contracts with Canada and BPA. Will we keep flushing away money on overpriced energy and methods that haven't saved salmon?

Extinction is forever. It's now or never.

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Lisa Hech, Boise
Saving Salmon
Idaho Statesman, November 14, 2021

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