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Idaho Saves Dollars if Dams are Breached

by Darel T. Hardenbrook
Idaho Statesman, June 30, 2007

I have an idea that I think will help our informed voters. Since Idaho's wonderful Republican leadership continues their attempt to, as Douglas R. Hofstadter states best, "... smoke up the air with so many technical procedural and meta-procedural questions that the main issues were completely forgotten about for a long time while people tried to sort out the mess that his smokescreen had created." (Metamagical Themas p.114)

This is in reference to the dam-breaching debate. I'm a fifth-generation Idahoan and this debate has infuriated me for long enough. The science is there. Remove the Dams.

I think more people would agree with me if the Idaho Statesman's own Rocky Barker would publish a detailed list showing the amount of tax dollars, subsidies, spent on keeping Lewiston a sea port vs. estimated monetary cost of removal. Idaho's taxpayers would save money if we simply paid off those few affected by the dam removal.

Wind power, retraining unemployed barge employees to work as railroaders, or maybe even fishing guides. Come on Butch, I would like to catch a salmon like my grandfather and great-grandfather used to catch. Please listen, I vote.

Darel T. Hardenbrook, Boise
Idaho Saves Dollars if Dams are Breached
Idaho Statesman, June 30, 2007

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