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Managing Salmon Populations

by Charles E. Lawson
Reno Gazette-Journal, October 12, 2007

I noticed salmon in the Columbia River system are getting some attention again. It would be nice to see salmon runs in Nevada again; and while the issue is being addressed, perhaps some attention should be paid to gill netting by special interest groups.

A large number of the fish are being killed simply for their roe, which is then sold as caviar.

The management of salmon by fish and game departments has reached new heights, or depths, depending on your point of view. It seems fishery biologists and elite sporting groups have determined there is a difference between wild salmon and hatchery salmon, the former somehow being a so much better fish than the latter.

This decision has resulted in vastly lower numbers of hatchery fish being released into the rivers and streams, and a huge decrease in the number of salmon available for you and I to catch.

Maybe if these people somehow paid attention to Nevada's management of bears, mountain lions and other predators we'd be facing a huge increase in salmon predators and wind up with no fish at all.

Have you noticed there has been a huge decrease in sparrows, quail, robins, and assorted other small birds lately? At the same time there has been a large increase in hawks of all kinds and owls. Would there be a connection?

Charles E. Lawson is a retired contractor/project manager and long time Lyon County resident who is involved in our county.
Managing Salmon Populations
Reno Gazette-Journal, October 12, 2007

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