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Salmon Plan

by David A. Cannamela
Idaho Statesman, January 16, 2022

Lower Monumental dam on the Lower Snake River in the remote Southeastern Washington State, is being considered for removal. Congressman Mike Simpson should be re-elected because of his Columbia River restoration proposal, not in spite of it. Simpson's proposal is good for Idahoans, all Idahoans and all Americans.

His proposal not only replaces but upgrades the services provided by the four Lower Snake River dams. It leads to truly clean, renewable energy along with upgraded irrigation and (grain) transportation systems. And of course, his proposal, which hinges on restoration of a free-flowing lower Snake River, puts abundant, sustainable, harvestable salmon, steelhead and lamprey back into our lives.

What does this really mean?

We need only to look at the outcomes of river restoration (dam removal) initiatives on the Elwha, Kennebec and hundreds of other rivers to realize that, among other things, river restoration means:

So, while Mike Simpson boldly steps forward with a solution-driven vision for better Idaho, our other "leaders" embrace a pathetic status quo and a grim future.

David A. Cannamela, Boise
Salmon Plan
Idaho Statesman, January 16, 2022

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