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Dam Removal Not the Answer

by Terry Flores
Spokesman Review, May 23, 2007

Ironically, a Review editorial last week, calling for the facts on removal of the lower Snake River dams and endorsing HR 1507, was rife with misinformation ("Facts Over Furor," May 16).

Dam removal has been studied and rejected as a means to recover listed salmon. Removal would only affect four of the 13 listed species with uncertain biological benefits. Dollars are far better spent on proven measures that can be implemented quickly to benefit all listed stocks.

The Review cites a study done by an environmental group that has been completely discredited by the region's Independent Economic Advisory Board: "the Revenue Stream report underestimates hydropower replacement costs by enough to invalidate their main result that the region could save money by removing the dams."

The public remains against removal of the Snake dams with 68 percent opposed, according to a recent RiverPartners opinion poll. The public endorsed hydro as the renewable resource of choice for the Northwest, equal to wind or solar, recognizing it does not add to global warming.

Also, states, tribes and federal agencies are working hard collaboratively on a new salmon plan. A draft will soon be issued and will be debated intensely. These are some of the key facts overlooked by the Spokesman.

Terry Flores, Executive director, Northwest RiverPartners
Dam Removal Not the Answer
Spokesman Review, May 23, 2007

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