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Remove the Dams

by Reed Burkholder
Idaho Statesman, June 30, 2007

We have another weak salmon run again this year - the 29th consecutive year in a row where adult returns are so depressed that recreational fishing is not permitted for wild fish in Idaho.

At least four downstream dams need to be removed to get salmon recovery rolling.

Why do our congressmen resist discussing this idea? The four dams downstream of Lewiston are duds. They are weak and erratic producers of energy that deliver the biggest package of negative impacts of any technology of comparable output.

We would be better off without these dams. Let's discuss it.

If our congressmen can't engage in a fact-filled discussion of dam removal, then perhaps they should resign. Healthy, open and honest debate is needed for progress on this issue.

Reed Burkholder, Boise
Remove the Dams
Idaho Statesman, June 30, 2007

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