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Ride for Redd Hopes to Make
Redfish Lake Red Once Again with Salmon

by Shannon Moudy
KLEW, May 20, 2017

MJ Wright, Kat Cannell and Katelyn Spradley, from left, are riding from Astoria, Ore., to Stanley, Idaho, to raise awareness about the plight of salmon. LEWISTON, ID -- Right now, three women and six horses are making their way across the state. Their ride for awareness began a month and over 400 miles ago.

KLEW News Reporter Shannon Moudy caught up with these horsewomen when they stopped in Lewiston. Shannon, they say they're just now beginning the tough part of the trek?

They've made it through getting stuck on a beach in Oregon, riding along the highway next to speeding semis, but as they enter the wilderness, it's their 'Ride for Redd' that keeps these women going.

At a slow and steady pace of around three miles an hour, these women are making a journey to Stanley Idaho's Redfish Lake, once colored red by the scales of millions of Idaho salmon.

They talked with students at McSorley Elementary on Monday, just another stop on a long ride.

"We're riding our horses 900 miles and we're following the path of the migrating salmon that are going inland to spawn," said Katelyn Spadley.

Starting on the Oregon coast in Astoria, they've attracted a lot of attention on horseback, which is exactly what they want.

"A lot of people ask what are we doing so that gives us a chance to really step up and say we're trying to raise awareness," said MJ Wright. "We also couldn't find any salmon big enough to ride."

Following the same rivers used by migrating salmon, these women are trying to raise awareness about the declining numbers of Idaho's wild fish.

"There's just a lot stacked against these fish," said Kat Cannell.

As they parallel the salmon's path, they've also faced obstacles from flooded trails to injured horses, they have to be as adaptable as the fish they want to save.

"Even now we're having to make some changes," said Spadley.

The three are quick to point out they're not on any side, except that of the salmon. They want to unite people, to help make Redfish Lake red once more.

"We're really asking people to step outside of their comfort zones, open their minds, soften themselves and come to the table ready to work with the other side," said Cannell.

"We want there to be real action to help salmon," said Spadley. "And that can only happen if everyone comes together."

This journey will also be featured on a documentary called "Redd" which is the name for the bed of salmon lays its eggs in.

For more information on the "Ride for Redd" or to help out the cause just click on this link.

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Shannon Moudy
Ride for Redd Hopes to Make Redfish Lake Red Once Again with Salmon <-- Watch Video at original site.
KLEW, May 20, 2017

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