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Lack of Readership

by Wylie Gustafson, Letter to Editor
Spokesman Review, November 26, 2001

After reading the open-letter ad from the Spokane Editorial Society to the readers of The Spokesman-Review (Nov. 19), I feel compelled to let the Society know why, perhaps, the cutbacks in staff are happening.

One reason may be lack of readership. Lack of readership because you have alienated one of your most steadfast and loyal groups of readers -- the farmers and agricultural producers of the Inland Norhtwest. for instance, your bias on the dam breching issue has caused many of us to disregard your paper as a fair and objective source of news. Your pro-breaching articles of the past have turned many of us away from your paper. You have a poor reputation with the farmers of Eastern Washinton.

Give us reporting that is fair. If you don't, your paper will continue to be forced to cut back.

Wylie Gustafson, Dusty Washington
Lack of Readership
Spokesman Review, November 26, 2001

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