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Brainwashing the Youth

by Marvin J. Entel
Lewiston Tribune, June 30, 2022

The larger truth recognizes without that last wound,
there may have been a chance of healing and recovery.

Ice Harbor dam impounds a reservoir that allows thirteen farms to pump irrigation water from a higher elevation than from the natural river, saving up to 80 feet of head and significant pumping expense. It does not take a scientist, just the ordinary person, to understand the basic percentage of fish return over the four lower Snake River dams. The percentages show no hindrance to fish passage. Whoever is brainwashing the Youth Salmon Protectors ought to stop the singular idea of salmon returning in large numbers to a free-flowing river if the dams were breached.

In the week of June 2-8, 56% of the fish over Bonneville Dam made it past McNary Dam, which had 7,835 salmon counted. Within the four lower Snake dams, 9,324 salmon passed -- a 119% return into the Snake River system.

So how in the world could you say these dams, with their state-of-the-art fish passage systems, are the cause of declining fish numbers?

Neither do the dams cost taxpayers millions of dollars in subsidies. Through The Bonneville Power Administration, they return millions in hydroelectric payments to the federal government.

Comments made in the "Summer of salmon" letter against a 76-year-old legislator and other comments made hopefully do not represent 2,000 Youth Salmon Protectors because they are false. Breaching the dams is the craziest idea that ever came about in this region in this century. None of these persons have any idea of the region before the dams. ...

These 18-year-olds and others need to read "A Race for Empire," published by the Morning Spokesman-Review in 1896. Then you will have a better understanding of the history and domain between the Bitterroot Range and the Cascades.

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Marvin J. Entel, Clarkston
Brainwashing the Youth
Lewiston Tribune, June 30, 2022

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