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Radio Advertisement in Southern Idaho

by Coalition for Idaho Water
Southern Idaho Radio Ad, October 2004

Dad: One of the things I love most about Idaho is the fantastic fishing. Thereıs nothing in the world like the feel of a fish on the end of your line. This year my boy and I got to share the fishing experience of a lifetime. He caught a big rough Chinook salmon.

Little Boy: It was so cool!

Dad: It sure was. Our Chinook was one of more than 12,000 hatchery born Chinook salmon caught by Idahoans this year. But if you ask my boy, his Chinook was the only fish in the entire world. That big Chinook is a memory thatıll last us a lifetime. But some people want us to believe that a salmon born in a hatchery is genetically not really a salmon at all, that only a wild salmon can be a real salmon. Does that make any sense to you? They ought to try selling that idea to my son. I figure itıs like saying a baby born in a hospital is somehow genetically inferior to a child born at home. What kind of logic is that? I say, thank goodness for Idahoıs salmon hatcheries. Theyıre the place where memories are born.

A message from the Coalition for Idaho Water

* Ad set to the sound of running water.

Coalition for Idaho Water
Radio Advertisement in Southern Idaho
Southern Idaho Radio Ad, October 2004

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