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Put Humans First

by Creighton Kelly
Letters, The Idaho Statesman, October 26, 2003

Former Interior Secretary Bruce Babbitt says the dams will come down. I say if our dams go down, hopefully Babbitt and all dam breachers go down with them, to the ocean that is. If the EPA and the BLM dictators are not taken out of power, the Western farmers and ranchers are in a world of hurt.

For the last few years, the BLM has stopped selling grazing permits to stop our grazing of cheatgrass. As of now they´re hiring a herd of goats out of Oregon to graze the cheatgrass around the town of Kuna. For the past 75 years that I´ve lived around grazing ground, cheatgrass always comes back in the fall and spring with the moisture from rain and snow. If it wasn´t for cheatgrass, there would be lots of wildlife starving in the deserts.

The EPA´s decision to stop logging to protect the timber was a mistake. I bet in the last two fire seasons there was more timber damaged than 20 years of logging in the past. What their next study will be is for damn sure hard to tell. It´s time for the public to appeal these stupid lawsuits and put our human rights back in order.

Creighton Kelly, Homedale
Put Humans First
The Idaho Statesman, October 26, 2003

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