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Removing Dams Would Cause Producers
Problems and Take a Long Time

by James Ferguson
RFD TV, August 8, 2022

Ag Groups Want Alternatives

Graphic: Wild Chinook runs to the Lower Snake River as counted at the highest dam in place at the time. (1961-2020) There has been a lot of talk lately about removing dams in some ag states, which would cause big problems for farmers and ranchers.

The Lower Snake River dams in Washington could be taken down to protect salmon populations, but ag groups want to hear alternative solutions!

Merk Animal Health researcher, Chris Beasley might have one -- it is the new hyper infusion solution: "These fish ladders span vast distances, so I look at this like getting a glass of water when you're running a marathon. You know, you have those little stations where you can take a quick sip of water and move on. So, I'd view this oxygenated water moving through the fish ladder in a very similar way. So, fish are able to pass with lower mortality, and when they get to the top of the fish ladder, they're in better condition... We're really excited about the potential for this too, you know, help offset whatever mortality might be attributed to the dams."

They have noticed a 1,200 percent increase in fish passage through the Lower Snake River Dam over a 40-year period, a much easier solution since dam removal would take a long time.

James Ferguson
Removing Dams Would Cause Producers Problems and Take a Long Time; Ag Groups Want Alternatives
RFD TV, August 8, 2022

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