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Time to Pass Craig?

by Matt Yost
Idaho Statesman, December 11, 2005

The same logic used by Sen. Larry Craig when killing the Fish Passage Center needs to be applied to Craig to determine the senator's usefulness to the great state of Idaho.

Craig, ever the advocate for the Bonneville Power Administration and out-of-state interests, determined that the Fish Passage Center advocated to the courts when reporting scientific data about Idaho's dwindling salmon and steelhead returns. Due to the "advocacy" of reporting science, Craig scuttled the center and then suggested that the BPA fund a new research center at the University of Washington.

Craig should at least pretend to be an advocate for Idaho and offer that Idaho universities do this important research. But then again, Idahoans shouldn't hold their breath that after several years in office and having given miles of lip service to solving Idaho's problems with water and fish, Craig will actually do something to insure that the Salmon and Clearwater rivers are full of harvestable self-sustaining runs of salmon and steelhead for sportsmen, and that water stays in Idaho for farmers and for future state growth.

If Craig's "logic" were used on Craig, it would prove that it is time for the passage of Craig.

Matt Yost, Boise
Time to Pass Craig?
Idaho Statesman, December 11, 2005

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