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Held in a Stranglehold
by Palouse Wheat Growers

by Scott Levy
Idaho Mountain Express, March 22, 2023

Little Goose Dam on the Lower Snake River dam. I may be stumbling in the sentence structure here, but are the Seafood Producers Cooperative contending that they've been on the "frontlines of ... supporting removal of the four lower dams on the Snake River in the Columbia River Basin?" If so, I would like to learn more about their past efforts. Just as much, I'd like to learn what they are currently doing in that effort.

Together, we can tip the scales on the stubborn politics, held in a stranglehold by Palouse wheat growers that save 10-15 cents per bushel, shipping their wheat to Portland, Oregon where it is then loaded on ocean going vessels to faraway markets in the Philippines, Korea and Japan.

Is there some other reason why we should keep these dams? Authorized for construction in March 1945, Congress instructed the Army Corps of Engineers "to construct such dams as are necessary to provide slackwater navigation" on the Snake River of Washington state. Let's ask ourselves, do we still want them? I don't.

Scott Levy, Ketchum, Idaho
Held in a Stranglehold by Palouse Wheat Growers
Idaho Mountain Express, March 22, 2023

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