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No Fish Passage
Past Idaho Dams

by Duane Leinbach
Tri-City Herald, June 7, 2020

Graphic: Temperatures in the Lower Snake River regularly exceed Clean Water Act standards.  In 2014, 99% of Idaho's Sockeye adults failed to return to their natal lakes.  The thermal block from the Snake River, caused the death of most Canada bound Sockeye as well. Reporting about the reservoir water temperatures: So you as (a) newspaper reporting the news, let's add to the opinion of EPA. How good is the information coming from EPA as compared to FBI, CIA, the NSA and other federal agencies? There are nine Snake River Dams in Idaho. Plus, 16 plus dams on other Idaho tributaries of the Snake River system. Do these 25+ dams with reservoirs increase the water temperature of the Snake River?

There are three major obstacles for fish on the Snake and Columbia River drainage. News articles say these four Lower Snake River dams block the return of fish to Idaho cool water tributaries where they are supposed to spawn. These all have fish ladders.

Why doesn't the news media identify the real detrimental cause of fish migration? Idaho's Dworshak Dam at Orofino, no fish ladder. Hells Canyon Dam, in Idaho border with Oregon, no fish ladder. Grand Coulee Dam on the Columbia River in Washington, no fish ladder. Research Idaho Snake River dams.

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Duane Leinbach, Kennewick
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Tri-City Herald, June 7, 2020

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