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by Steven R. Evans
Lewiston Tribune, April 5, 2020

Graphic: Survival of juvenile salmon from the Washington/Idaho border to beyond Bonneville Dam has averaged around 50% survival.  In other words, half of them die while migrating through the federal hydropower system. In the meantime, I suppose the folks in Yakima can still enjoy their salmon and steelhead. Yakima River smolts do not have to swim the gauntlet of the lower Snake River dams.

Meanwhile the Snake River species go extinct and I guess the steelhead catching-inclined can go fly a kite, drive to the Columbia, fish the Pacific coastal rivers or do anything they want from Clarkston to White Bird, Riggins and Salmon, except fish for steelhead or any species of salmon.

So long Snake River fishing guides. Adios Salmon River fishing guides.

And, thank you, Yakima Herald Republic editor for your support, concern for the environmental help from the Snake River dams and, of course, your "respect."

If taking out a few dams does not make "sense," how does doing the same thing over and over (holding onto a few dams) and expecting different results make sense? ...

by Steven R. Evans, Lapwai
No More
Lewiston Tribune, April 5, 2020

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