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McMorris Endorses McCain for President

by Scott Yates
Capital Press, February 22, 2008

SPOKANE - The same year that Cathy McMorris received a perfect score of 100 on the America Conservative Union's scorecard of important issues, John McCain, a fellow Republican, received 65.

That was in 2005. The disparity was less in 2006. McMorris scored a 96; McCain, an 80. (The 2007 numbers are not available.)

Despite the differences in conservative values, McMorris isn't letting that stop her from endorsing McCain for president of the United States, calling him a "true American hero."

McMorris, who was once listed as No. 6 on the list of the Top 10 up-and-coming House conservatives, did not mention McCain's moderate political philosophy in her endorsement. She said he is a staunch and unwavering defender of America's national security "and will continue to protect our country from threats at home and abroad," a phrase that is likely to be used frequently when the general campaign heats up against Democrats.

Within some conservative circles, however, McCain has been excoriated. Radio show host Rush Limbaugh has said McCain betrayed conservative principles by voting against tax cuts as well as his stance on illegal immigrants. Conservative pundit and author Anne Coulter has said if McCain were nominated, she'd vote for Hillary Clinton.

McMorris defended McCain as a vocal opponent of wasteful spending.

"When it comes to getting our fiscal house back in order, reducing the number of earmarks and using our tax dollars wisely, John McCain is uniquely qualified to get the job done," she said.

In the Northwest, McMorris said, McCain recognizes the importance of Snake River dams and has pledged to work to protect them. She did not mention the war in Iraq nor McCain's support for the effort.

Although their conservative philosophy comes from different places, their names could reveal a common family tree. The prefix "Mc" means "son of" in Gaelic, an ancient Celtic language used in Ireland and Scotland.

Scott Yates is based in Spokane.
McMorris Endorses McCain for President
Capital Press, February 22, 2008

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