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Manufacturing Consent

by Gregory Rupert
The Local Planet, December 14, 2000

The wheels are well greased. They are busy "Manufacturing Consent," for additional power generation. The fully integrated corporate media once again carries the ball, to misinform the public. A predicted 2 day cold spell would have us believe that the generation system could collapse? Get real. We are being primed to subsidize new and expanded capacity gas turbines, and to keep up support for dams on the Snake River. We pay twice, as taxpayers also foot the bill to revive wild salmon runs.

Issues in the Spokesman are portrayed as independent and unrelated. Kaiser idles potlines and sells publicly subsidized power for millions in profit, while laying off the work force. We are told that the proposed Avista expansion in Rathdrum will be able to "provide power for 4000 homes." How about: "or 5% of one potline"? John Webster at the Spokesman Review is the perfect dolt, wandering the building, wondering what his boss, Stacey, wants him to write. This does not require much imagination. He is the quintessential obsequious sycophant. Perfect for the job. Conservation is not discussed, while anyone can see that the aluminum industry is on the way out in our area. If "legitimate" brownouts occur in the Northwest, it is because the Californians will pay more for the power. Deregulation has been great for the corporate bottom line. Think about what is going on in this country. We are being sold out. The events in Florida are also related to the abuses referenced above. Our politicians do not represent the people. We can take the power back.

Consider third party options. This house of cards, which is our culture, disenfranchises 98% of the citizenry. For democracy to function, everyone must participate.

Gregory Rupert
Manufacturing Consent
The Local Planet, December 14, 2000

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