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Thank You and Farewell
from Dr. Lubchenco

by Dr. Jane Lubchenco
Open Letter, February 27, 2013

Dr. Jane Lubchenco, Under Secretary of Commerce for Oceans and Atmosphere and NOAA Administrator. (NOAA Photo) Today is my last day with NOAA. I want to thank everyone who has been at NOAA over the past four years for their dedication and hard work to improve the lives of every single American.

Because of you, and thanks to great partnerships, we've been able to tackle some big issues and accomplish a tremendous amount. Through an emphasis on transparency, integrity, innovation, team work and communication, we have made significant progress on multiple fronts. NOAA's breadth is one of its greatest challenges, but it's also a great strength.

Over the past four years, NOAA's employees have worked with our partners to put plans in place to end overfishing and rebuild depleted fish stocks; helped create the first National Ocean Policy that highlights the importance of healthy oceans; issued life-saving weather, water and tsunami warnings and worked toward a Weather-Ready Nation; invested in coastal communities and strived to make them more resilient through integrated conservation and restoration; strengthened science through our first Scientific Integrity Policy; and created a new generation of climate services to enable smart planning, adaption, and mitigation. This is just a small sample of NOAA's efforts to fulfill its overall mission. You should be proud, very proud. I know that I am.

In celebration of our efforts, take a look at a few stories about our accomplishments over the last four years. I hope you enjoy reading them. And I thank Chris Blackburn and all the line and staff offices who contributed to drafting them.

I am deeply grateful to each of you for the key part you play in NOAA's ability to provide the services, science and stewardship that so many have come to depend on. I am confident you will continue to do so. And I know you will support Dr. Sullivan who assumes the con as Acting Administrator on February 28. I leave you in the capable hands of Dr. Sullivan, Eric Schwaab, David Kennedy, the talented and dedicated line and staff office leads, and the full HQ team.

All the best to each of you!


Dr. Jane Lubchenco

Dr. Jane Lubchenco
Thank You and Farewell - from Dr. Lubchenco
Open Letter, February 27, 2013

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