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Look It Up

by Dick Sherwin
Lewiston Tribune, May 15, 2022

Graphics: Predictions show natural-origin spawner abundance for the Snake River Basin will start to drop below the quasi-extinction threshold (50 spawners) within the next five years. (Molly Quinn/The Spokesman-Review) (Source: Nez Perce Tribe, staff research) Richard Scully is once again advocating for the breaching of the four lower Snake River dams. He is still insisting those dams are responsible for nearly 100% of the problems with diminishing chinook salmon runs. He even makes a ridiculous claim that overfishing no longer exists and it is "closely controlled today."

The fact remains all anadromous fish are being overfished all over the world today, mostly in the oceans by many nations. Also, our oceans are warming and many fish, especially chinook salmon, are not surviving their time spent at sea. Rivers all over the world, from British Columbia, Nova Scotia, Alaska, New Zealand, California, Finland, Scotland and countless other places are experiencing the same losses of chinook salmon in many of their rivers as we are witnessing in the Snake/Columbia river system. Almost none of these troubled rivers have dams and most enjoy pristine habitat conditions.

Just Google "decline in chinook salmon runs" and find endless evidence of chinook salmon declines all over the world, none of them because of the four lower Snake River dams. Scully and his friends are welcome to their own opinions but not to their own facts.

Take the time to do your own research of the decline in chinook. Do not depend on people with an agenda to breach the dams at any cost for answers.

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Dick Sherwin Citizens for the Preservation of Fish and Dams, Lewiston
Look It Up
Lewiston Tribune, May 15, 2022

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