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Sea Lions Are Not to Blame
for Decline in Salmon Runs

by Donna Wolfe
Statesman Journal, May 3, 2008

The Oregon Fish and Wildlife Department apparently gave up the idea of shooting sea lions feasting on what is left of the 2008 salmon run in the Columbia River.

Now, under pressure from the Humane Society, they have decided to trap some of the sea lions and ship them off to zoos or entertainment venues, at the cost of one sea lion life already, as if that is going to help bring back the salmon runs of yore.

I suppose the sea lions are responsible for the damming of the Columbia seven times and for production of chemical waste into the river, or, for that matter, global warming.

When are we humans going to accept responsibility for our actions? We'd rather blame our environmental problems on innocent wild animals who cannot defend themselves.

Who will we blame when there are no sea lions left?

Donna Wolfe, Salem
Sea Lions Are Not to Blame for Decline in Salmon Runs
Statesman Journal, May 3, 2008

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