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Kress Appointed to
Idaho Wheat Commission

by Brad Carlson
Capital Press, August 16, 2019

Gov. Brad Little has appointed Rockland-area farmer Cory Kress to a five-year term on the Idaho Wheat Commission.

He replaces Soda Springs farmer Jerry Brown, who retired after serving 10 years.

“I was honored, and I appreciate the opportunity," Kress said. “I have a lot of respect for the commissioners and what they have done in the past. I am passionate about both wheat and agriculture, and I have a strong conviction that farmers can help each other if we work as a group and exchange thoughts, ideas and resources among us all.

“Commissions are a great way to do that," he said, “where we can pool grower dollars and figure out how to benefit growers all over the state with those funds."

The state's roughly 3,000 wheat growers pay a checkoff of 3.5 cents per bushel at the first point of sale to fund research, marketing and education.

“Obviously, I'm new, so I'm just trying to get up to speed with everything that's going on," Kress said.

Like the other wheat commissioners, he is interested in agronomic research and trade, and in further developing domestic and foreign markets as well as uses for Idaho grain, he said. He supports maintaining the port navigation channel in the Lower Snake River, for years the subject of debate over possibly removing four dams.

“I represent all the different growers in District 5 and want to make everyone aware that I am available for any concerns, thoughts or ideas they might have," Kress said. “It's important to me to remember whose money it is we are allocating."

He grows soft white and hard white wheat, mostly planted in fall. His dryland farm also produces safflower, mustard seed, peas and chickpeas.

Kress also serves on the Idaho Oilseed Commission. His second three-year term expires June 30.

His wife, Jamie Kress, is on the Idaho Grain Producers Association Executive Board.

Brad Carlson
Kress Appointed to Idaho Wheat Commission
Capital Press, August 16, 2019

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