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Judge Demands New Salmon Plan
for Columbia, Snake Rivers

by Bill Arthur
Seattle Times, August 17, 2011

Help communities thrive

Federal District Court Judge James A. Redden With salmon populations in the Columbia and Snake rivers hitting critically low numbers, U.S. District Judge James Redden's decision requiring a new salmon-recovery plan provides an opportunity to put aside old battles and refocus on creating healthy salmon and healthy rivers ["Columbia Basin salmon plan: Agencies spin judge's ruling," Opinion, Aug. 12].

Now is the time for the Obama administration, our senators and governors in the Pacific salmon states to start leading the way to real solutions. Convening a process that includes all stakeholders to help craft a plan that meets the needs of the salmon, people and Northwest communities is needed and overdue.

For the past 20 years, good money has been poured after bad on failed policies, in part because of a refusal to separate science from politics and face the need for more aggressive actions to save our wild salmon, including possible removal of the four Lower Snake River dams. Removing the dams will help revive the fishing industry, save money, create jobs and encourage the development of clean energy.

Let's take advantage of what might be the last opportunity to get it right. With bold leadership and a foundation in science, we can restore salmon in ways that help all of our communities thrive.

Bill Arthur, deputy national organizing director, Sierra Club, Seattle
Judge Demands New Salmon Plan for Columbia, Snake Rivers
Seattle Times, August 17, 2011

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