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Are Salmon in Limbo?

by Scott Levy
Idaho Mountain Express, December 10, 2004

After reading last Friday's NOAA say Snake Dams Should Stay by Greg Stahl, I began to feel the need to delve deeper into the topic with your readers. My hope is that an informed public will share this important issue with friends and family over the coming holidays.

With the new 2004 Updated Proposed Actions, NOAA Fisheries is seeking to shirk responsibility of the stewardship of Idaho's threatened and endangered salmon.

No longer will NOAA Fisheries be obliged to speak to Congress if our current efforts fail to bring about positive population trends. The continued existence or possible removal of Lower Snake river dams and reservoirs will no longer be NOAA Fisheries responsibility.

Then with whom does the responsibility rest? Presumably with Congress, but nowhere does the Fisheries agency state this. So, is Congress now the responsible party or does responsibility now float in a limbo land where no one is responsible?

Beginning in the 1960s, Congress authorized the Lower Snake River dams and reservoirs, funding their existence. Subsequently, the argument goes that only Congress can authorize their removal.

Key elements of the 2000 Biological Opinion required future communication with Congress if population growth rates did not turn positive. The new Updated Proposed Actions abandon this provision. The supporting argument is two-pronged:

That's it, period. Is something missing in the logic here? I suspect that rational argument is no longer necessary as we begin this 21st century. Talk to a friend. Talk to their Congressman. Keep smiling and have a happy holiday.

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America Losing Its Way

Are we adopting communism in America? It appears that we are.

In 1848, Karl Marx, in the Communist Manifesto, outlined steps necessary for a socialized country. Some of these adopted steps include:

In addition, communists have pushed hard for the registration of all private firearms, under some pretext, with the goal of confiscating them and leaving the people defenseless against the tyrannical socialist government. Communists use hate by dividing people into hostile groups based on skin color, economic status or gender. They strive for a world government and were the key founders of the Communist controlled United Nations. They are promoting regional government like the proposed Free Trade Area of the Americas that can be combined into a world government.

We must get back to the U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights that made this country free and independent, get out of the United Nations and not join the Free Trade of the Americas.

by Adrian Arp, Twin Falls

Scott Levy, host of and director/editor/screenwriter of RedFish BlueFish.
Are Salmon in Limbo?
Idaho Mountain Express - December 10, 2004

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