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Statesman Ignores Facts
on Salmon Survival Rates

by David R. Doeringsfeld
Idaho Statesman, August 7, 2007

For the Statesman to reference Don Reading's report or "Revenue Stream" as credible reports contributing to your conclusion to support dam breaching, one has to wonder what has happened to journalistic standards. After peer review, including the Independent Economic Advisory Board, both of these reports have been completely discredited. However, Rocky Barker and the Statesman's editorial staff appear to have an agenda. It is not clear how the Statesman came to this conclusion and sustained it for 10 years, but it is hard to see where you have taken the facts into account.

Millions of Tons of Salmon Harvest(source: Preserving Salmon Biodiversity, by Levin & Schiewe, American Scientist, May/June 2001) The Statesman ignores the fact that fish numbers are rebounding. You ignore that NOAA scientists report that the percentage of juvenile spring chinook salmon that survive the migration through the dams on the Snake and Columbia rivers on the way to the ocean has little correlation to their subsequent adult return rate. NOAA scientists have found that survival through the Snake and Columbia river system (eight dams) is now higher than when there were four dams on the Columbia River. Yet, the Statesman continues to call for dam removal.

One can only conclude that this is about selling newspapers, not about helping fish or encouraging sound public policy.

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David R. Doeringsfeld, general manager, Port of Lewiston
Statesman Ignores Facts on Salmon Survival Rates
Idaho Statesman, August 7, 2007

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