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Idaho Power - Actual Annual Sales

Energy Crisis Not a Question of If, But When
December 17, 2000 Idaho Statesman

The demand for electricity in Idaho Power Co.'s service territory has been increasing annually by an average of 1.7 percent over the past decade.

Annual system sales represent January-December Megawatthour (MWh) sales.

Idaho Power Company
annual system sales (MWh)

YEAR Actual Sales
1990 11,052,003
1991 11,371,802
1992 11,585,328
1993 11,476,248
1994 12,143,363
1995 12,142,903
1996 12,995,688
1997 13,147,532
1998 13,448,664
1999 13,848,504

Compiled Rob McDonald - Idaho Statesman

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John Tucker
Energy Crisis Not a Question of If, But When
The Idaho Statesman, December 17, 2000

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