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Idaho Water

by Daryl Tague
Idaho State Journal, May 10, 2022

Aerial view of Lower Snake River and some wheat fields high above on fertile soils. There's been a lot of hogwash lately about Idaho irrigators loosing water if the lower Snake River dams are breached. Right now due to the Endangered Species Act Idaho is required to release 427,000 acre feet of water down the Snake River in Idaho to flush juvenile salmon through the four stagnant lower Snake River reservoirs in Washington. If the dams were removed Idaho wouldn't need to send water down river because there would be a natural flow, thus more water for Idaho. No dams in Idaho are going to be removed, just the four lower dams in Washington. Some wannabe politicians don't know water doesn't run up hill to Idaho from Washington! Evidently Bryan Smith doesn't want to save Idaho water. So dam removal taking Idaho water is just B.S.

Daryl Tague, Nampa
Idaho Water
Idaho State Journal, May 10, 2022

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