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Get Past Hysteria

by Tom Shores
Idaho Statesman - July 7, 2005

I think Virginia McDonald-Sorenson should change her name to Pollyanna because of the following:

  1. Shipping wheat from Lewiston by rail and truck. The challenge is that both were used before barging was used. The reason for the barging was because it cost less.
  2. Sea lions and terns have been eating salmon for many years. This is true; the challenge is that both have been protected by law, keeping authorities from controlling the populations. Larger populations eat more fish.
  3. Sport fishing. Why should we spend millions of dollars and then kill the fishing?
  4. The Indians' use of salmon. Treaties enforced by judges require percentages of fish, yet the tribes have commercial boats for the fish, more than the ceremonies require.
  5. We can still purchase salmon in any store, yet they are endangered? If the idea is to save the fish, ban the sale of canned salmon.
We can solve the salmon challenge with real science, not the kind completed to support a particular belief or not. Then intelligence not hysteria, courts or well-meaning environmentalists, industrialists or politicians will solve the challenge.

Tom Shores, Boise
Get Past Hysteria
Idaho Statesman, July 7, 2005

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