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Hooked the Wrong Species

by Spencer Higley
Seattle Times, November 17, 2007

Reader Tobias Person ["Seared in memory: Salmon cut in huge chunks," Northwest Voices, Nov. 10] states, "Those whose livelihood, food and identity are tied to salmon should have a larger voice" regarding protection of salmon.

My son is a professional salmon fisherman and I like salmon as much as most. Fishermen should have a voice but those of us whose lives depend upon electricity and the power that comes from water-power dams far outnumber the fishermen, and, accordingly, should have a far-larger voice than fishermen regarding removal of power-producing dams.

As society searches for alternatives from which to maintain electricity supplies, we should keep in mind that even a small-percentage drop in the electricity supply often leads to blackouts, which cause much greater inconvenience to many more people than the shortage of salmon could.

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Spencer Higley, Edmonds
Hooked the Wrong Species
Seattle Times, November 10, 2007

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