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Hook, Lion and Sinker

by Scott Strickland
Seattle Times, April 18, 2006

(Kirk Lyttle) Fishing in emptiness Sea lions eat about 50 pounds of meat a day. Sea lions are not, but still are classified as, endangered. One hundred sea lions = 5,000 pounds [of salmon consumed] per day! If the average salmon weighs 15 pounds, then in 30 days, more than 9,990 salmon are eaten!

It does not take too long to eat your way through the whole run of springers when they all have to line up at a small gate in order to get to and through the fish ladder. The steelhead runs into Lake Washington have never recovered from the debacle at the locks. I hate to say it, but [sea lion] hunting should be allowed. The sooner the better.

[Building] a waterway along the banks of the Columbia that will carry the salmon fry out past all the dams has been proposed, but for political reasons, has been stuffed. With a budget equal to what the dams currently lose in electrical generation by spilling water to further downstream migration, many of us would be willing to design and build the contraption.

Or we could just study the issue, like we have since 1970, until all the fish are gone.

Scott Strickland, president, Bainbridge Island Trout Unlimited
Hook, Lion and Sinker
Seattle Times, April 18, 2006

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