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House Passes Bill to Help Western States
Fund Salmon Project

by John Hughes, Associated Press
Idaho Statesman, September 19, 2000

Plan would pay for habitat, research

WASHINGTON -- The House approved a bill Monday that would earmark up to $600 million over the next three years for salmon recovery in five Western states, including Idaho.

The proposal would set aside 15 percent of the funds for tribes to recover endangered and threatened salmon and divide the other 85 percent equally among Alaska, Washington, Oregon, California and Idaho.

The bill by Rep. Mike Thompson, D-Calif., would write into law the West Coast salmon initiative that four Western governors proposed in 1998 and for which President Clinton has sought money over the past two years.

When Thompson's bill came before a House subcommittee in May, Rep. Mike Simpson, R-Idaho, asked that Idaho be included. Thompson and other Northwest lawmakers agreed.

States can use the money to improve salmon habitat, reduce runoff and increase salmon research, among other activities.

The bill, approved by unanimous consent, is a first step. Northwest lawmakers need to persuade congressional appropriators that the salmon initiative is worth funding.

President Clinton requested $100 million for the West Coast initiative last year; Congress approved $58 million.

Clinton asked for $100 million again this year, but House and Senate spending bills -- which have yet to pass -- again set aside $58 million.

Northwest lawmakers say writing the West Coast program into law will make it easier for them to persuade Congress to approve money for it.

The region typically gains tens of millions of dollars each year in salmon funds in the budgets of the Army Corps of Engineers and National Marine Fisheries Service, and for a salmon treaty between the United States and Canada.

The governors of Alaska, Washington, Oregon and California first requested funds for their four states in 1998.

A Senate version of the bill has not been proposed.

John Hughes, Associated Press
House Passes Bill to Help Western States Fund Salmon Project
Idaho Statesman, September 19, 2000

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