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Representative Hastings Speaks Out
on Proposed Legislation

by Staff
KNDO/KNDU, August 12, 2009

KENNEWICK, Wash -- Talk of shutting down the four dams on the Snake River has been going on for years. It only recently picked back up after Seattle-based Representative Jim McDermott's new proposed legislation aimed at studying the cost and benefits of breaching the dams. Specifically, he wants the study to show how it relates to the salmon recovery effort.

McDermott has said the number is dangerously low, and this is all in an effort to help the fish. But Representative Hastings strongly opposes the bill, saying the move would be devastating.

"Tearing out the dams I think is a terrible, terrible idea," says Representative Hastings. "Because it's a major part of our economy here. It provides barge traffic up and down the river and it provides enough electricity to keep the city of Seattle for a year."

KNDU made a number of requests to speak with Representative McDermott, but we have not heard back from his office as of Wednesday evening.

So far there are at least 20 supporters of McDermott's proposal. It is worth noting nothing will likely come from this for some time, because congress is in a recess for the month.

Representative Hastings Speaks Out on Proposed Legislation
KNDO/KNDU, August 12, 2009

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