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Displeased with Fulcher

by Thomas Biladeau
Lewiston Tribune, April 7, 2021

Graphic: Survival of juvenile Chinook and Steelhead from Snake River trap at Lewiston/Clarkston to Bonneville Dam (Source: NOAA Fisheries, February 2019) Congressman Russ Fulcher, I want to take this time to express my displeasure with how you and your fellow members of Congress are skewing data in order to protect the lower Snake River dams while simultaneously discounting the importance of salmon in Idaho. ...

The survival values you report of 95 percent at each dam is misleading. That may sound good, but a 5 percent loss at each project in addition to an 8 percent loss in each reservoir accounts for a total loss of more than 40 percent of all juvenile salmon originating from Idaho before they even get to the Columbia River. ...

Almost half of the juvenile salmon that come from Idaho perish due to the four lower Snake River dams that you fight so hard to protect. Do you think that your constituency, especially those in communities along the Clearwater, Snake and Salmon rivers who rely on salmon and steelhead for income appreciate your disregard for their economic well-being? ...

Barging of grain through the lower Snake River relies on tens of millions of dollars annually of taxpayer-funded programs to maintain a viable passage route. ...

If farmers on the Palouse had to foot the bill themselves, ... they would never break even. ...

Power generation during a given year from these dams accounts for about 5 percent of the total energy produced in the Pacific Northwest. ...

In fact, ... the majority of power that is generated from our region is exported. ...

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Thomas Biladeau, Moscow
Displeased with Fulcher
Lewiston Tribune, April 7, 2021

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