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Snake Dams Story
Not Fit for News

by Chuck Torelli
Tri-City Herald, November 3, 2021

An aerial view of Lower Granite Dam on the lower Snake River in Eastern Washington.  The battle over Snake River salmon has now lasted 25 years. I have to comment on a Tri-City Herald front page article (10/9/21) stating, "Most voters back plan to breach Snake River dams."

This is a report on a very misleading and slanted poll that was paid for by a California environmental group, and is touted by a Washington environmental extremist organization. Of course they toss in the names Jay Inslee and Patty Murray to supposedly lend credibility to their cause. It is no secret that these two are not friends of Eastern Washington.

The rub is that the polling organization talked to all of 800 people, not exactly a "majority of Washington voters." We all know that polls and surveys are written and targeted to elicit the results that the sponsors desire, and this is a prime example of that. That being said, I canvassed my friends and family and 100% of them said that breaching the dams is an extremely misguided and stupid idea, so I guess that we are about even up!

Chuck Torelli, Kennewick
Snake Dams Story Not Fit for News
Tri-City Herald, November 3, 2021

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