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Fish Fabrications

by Duke Parkening
Lewiston Tribune, September 19, 2004

He is such a liar and probable Bush stooge it wouldn't have surprised me had Bob Lohn, regional administrator of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration's fisheries division, concluded Dworshak Dam poses no threat to anadromous fish passage to the North Fork Clearwater River. He can tell his false fabrications to dumbbells satisfied with 15-pound clones instead of 40-pound wild salmon and they might believe it, but not to people here having fished these rivers since 1963.

What happened to the program when the corps was paying fishermen to catch steelhead? Which, of course, was a dismal failure. Now we are being paid to catch, what is it, pike minnows? What a switch, steelhead to pike minnows.

BPA had a great idea too: Kill off those smallmouth bass predators. If the federal government (Bush administration) lies to bring on a trumped-up war to this nation, killing and maiming thousands and thousands, why worry or care about killing and maiming a few billion salmon and steelhead Columbia River fish? Sadly to some, one day this area will get what it deserves for its apathy, stupidity, cowardice and greed. Bush for the next four years will go a long way toward that extinction!

Duke Parkening, Kooskia
Fish Fabrications
Lewiston Tribune, September 19, 2004

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