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Expect More Extinctions

by Caitlin Carlson
The Oregonian, June 7, 2004

In regard to the Bush administration's proposed salmon plan, I recently finished my thesis ("Salmon or Dams: The Pacific Northwest Salmon crisis and its Relation to Federally Funded Dams Along The Columbia River System") for The Colorado College and can back up, with exhaustively researched data and information, that the Bush plan will indeed harm the recovery of our valuable wild salmon.

By lumping the genetically significant wild salmon with the genetically inferior hatchery salmon, we will open the door for more wild salmon extinctions.

No plan that assumes wild and hatchery salmon are the same will ever succeed. They are not, and I spent a good portion of my research proving it.

Bush's actions will harm our environment and the future well-being of our salmon and all that is connected to them, which includes our ecosystem and our regional economy.

Caitlin Carlson Southwest Portland
Expect More Extinctions
The Oregonian, June 7, 2004

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