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EPA, ESA Are Out of Control

by William Riley
Capital Press, September 2, 2011

Former Environmental Protection Agency director William Ruckelshaus' interview was full of noncommittal responses that only lawyers feel comfortable with.

The EPA is a rogue agency out of control and in denial of constitutional rights. Its mission is to destroy private property and individual rights. Two hikers were killed by grizzlies in Yellowstone and others were attacked this summer. Montana rancher Richard Christy was fined $2,000 for killing a grizzly while it attacked and killed seven of his sheep. Jeremy Hill of Idaho is charged under the Endangered Species Act with killing a grizzly that came into his yard where his children were playing.

Currently the Bureau of Land Management is holding public meetings on how they will manage their lands under the Endangered Species Act, never informing ranchers that how they use their private land will also be impacted.

Defying congressional oversight, the EPA is denying coal mining permits and forcing coal-burning electric plants to impossible air quality standards that will effectively force them to shut down. Coal provides 45 percent of the nation's electricity.

With 18,000 full-time employees and a $10.5 billion budget the EPA is partially responsible for companies moving overseas, to escape the never ending and always changing rules and regulations that are devastating American jobs.

William Riley, Soap Lake, Washington
EPA, ESA Are Out of Control
Capital Press, September 2, 2011

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