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Drastic Lifestyle Changes are Needed to Save It

by Laura Vitale
Letter to Editor, Seattle Post-Intelligencer, January 5, 2004

Robert McClure mentions some valid arguments against Snake River dam removal ("Salmon plan falls short, report says," Tuesday). The downsides to this plan, of course, are economical. Like the fight against salmon farms, the dollar dominates over the good of the people and animals. But eventually the quality of our region and its exports will sink and we will not have the choices toward recovery that we have now. Even now, while the cases sit in court, more and more unnecessary destruction occurs. Locals need to decide where it stops.

To begin true recovery of our environment, many people will have to change their ways of living drastically. Why wait until we are faced with a poisoned environment? If we choose to keep salmon healthy, we keep the integrity of businesses and open up new avenues for commerce and technology. Let the end of the oil age begin in 2004, and may the Northwest pioneer the cleaner way of living abundantly. Let's make sure that the dams are first to go.

Laura Vitale, Bellingham
Drastic Lifestyle Changes are Needed to Save It
Seattle Post-Intelligencer, January 5, 2004

Let's rebuild this Mother Earth.

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