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Define Common Sense

by Bill Chetwood
Lewiston Tribune, November 19, 2018

Ice Harbor dam impounds a reservoir that allows thirteen farms to pump irrigation water from a higher elevation than from the natural river, saving up to 80 feet of head and significant pumping expense. Although trivia is common on the editorial page of the Lewiston Tribune, it sure takes a lot of "savoir faire" on the part of the Tribune to feature an editorial titled "Dam breaching is no common-sense solution" in the Oct. 29 edition.

In that guest editorial, the author admits to the basic reason for bypassing the dams, but then denies the fact that studies have proven the fatalities are caused by warm water temperatures, and does not recognize that water releases from Dworshak have not materially lowered the temperature of the water in the lower Snake River.

This prominent portrayal of an editorial opinion from Vancouver that is so obviously unresearched that it must be by some cub reporter is below the often loose standards of editorial pages. I invite the readers (and the editor) to cross-reference the full page of the Tribune on Oct. 28 that was paid for by a coalition of open river advocates and is titled " The four lower Snake River dams' impact on eastern Washington."

There they will find "common sense" defended by facts and paid for by people put their "money behind their mouth."

Bill Chetwood, Lewiston
Define Common Sense
Lewiston Tribune, November 19, 2018

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