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Defends Scientific Accuracy

by Liz Moore
Guest Commentary, The Oregonian, September 17, 2003

There are lies and statistics, and then there's Daniel Mindus and his corporate front group, the innocent-sounding Center for Consumer Freedom. Mindus is upset (Letters, Sept. 2) that our organization did the first-ever tests of PCB levels in farmed salmon bought from U.S. stores.

We teamed with an accredited lab to determine PCB levels in the salmon and then compared those levels with the Environmental Protection Agency standards. The Food and Drug Administration admitted to The New York Times that its standard for PCBs should be reviewed.

Mindus doesn't want consumers to have this information. He will criticize any research on food safety, since his group is funded by the restaurant industry, which wants to downplay any talk of toxic substances in food.

The Environmental Working Group has never been criticized by any government agency or made an error in any scientific studies, despite what Mindus likes to imagine.

Liz Moore, Press secretary Environmental Working Group Washington, D.C.
Defends Scientific Accuracy
The Oregonian, September 17, 2003

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