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Snake River Dams
Should Remain

by Rex Miller
Walla Walla Union-Bulletin, March 4, 2018

(Darin Oswald) Fish ladders at the the Lower Granite Dam had water that was too warm for salmon, but turbine manipulation saved the day. Here we go again. Two of our esteemed politicians going pro and con on the removal of the dams in the Snake River.

Are they serious, or just a way to get their names in the U-B?

You know any dumb animal will seek shelter from a storm. Why then are these two acting dumber than an animal. Take a drive around that neck of the woods and see what those dams have provided, natural cycles govern fish numbers -- as history has proved -- and Idaho has all kinds of fish including salmon.


  1. Snake River flow in years past dictated the movement of salmon.

  2. They had spring runs and later runs as the water levels changed.

  3. There are years and years of silt behind those dams. What are you going to do with it.

  4. Power, irrigation, crops, employment.

  5. All of that water and debris will need to pass all the way to the ocean.

  6. And as for our judges and legal system -- they wouldn't know a dam if they were standing on it. A robe and gavel doesn't make you any smarter, it just provides a good pay check.
And finally, leave the damn dams alone and do something that will benefit us, our nation and our moral fiber, and next time vote.

Rex Miller, College Place
Snake River Dams Should Remain
Walla Walla Union-Bulletin, March 4, 2018

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